2009 Heath Ledger Drama Prize Recipient

January 4th, 2010
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We are happy to share the information we received from Guildford Grammar School concerning this year’s recipient of the Heath Ledger Drama Prize. This year the award went to Thomas Camp. The photo is Thomas in costume. The Heath Ledger Drama Prize was started with donations from members of Heathbaby.com and is awarded annually to a Drama major at Heath’s former school, Guildford Grammar School

The following is information from the school’s “Annual” (Yearbook):

    After months of rehearsal, the DLD next came alive at the beginning of August, with the opening of the 2009 Senior Production, “Our Country’s Good”. This play, written by Timberlake Wertenbaker in 1988, explores the redemptive power of theatre, and documents the true stories of convicts, officers and Governor Phillip in the early days of the Australian penal colony. Consequently, this production demanded a higher than usual level of maturity from its cast. They delivered. Led by Thomas Camp as Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, the cast, in its entirety, successfully realised Wertenbaker’s desire to show “theatre …[as] a humanising force”.

Thanks to Bekah for organizing this donation drive and special thanks to all of you who donated! This is such a special way to honor Heath’s memory!

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